Auctus Wealth Management is an independent, full-service investment advisory and wealth management firm dedicated to growing and preserving the wealth of its clients through customized portfolio solutions.


At Auctus Wealth Management, we want to help our clients achieve their financial goals. To that end, we believe in personalized service and in working with our clients to help them realize their objectives. We don’t just make investments; we build long-term relationships. We get to know our clients, who they are and what they want today, tomorrow and down the road. 

Just as every client has unique goals, every portfolio has different objectives. That’s why we take a balanced approach when evaluating investments and developing recommendations. Our knowledge and deep experience in analytics ensure our ability to build customized solutions for our clients. Solutions that can mean financial growth and security for the future.

Auctus - Latin \ãuk-tus\ adjective meaning: growth, increasing, augmenting, abundance.

Who We Are

At Auctus Wealth Management, we believe it’s our responsibility to protect and increase our clients’ net worth. Our name, which means “growth” in Latin, reflects that goal. 


What We Do

We work with our clients to develop solutions that meet their goals. How do we do that? By looking at a client’s global picture, from their spending habits and current assets to their liabilities and financial objectives. We consider the whole portfolio and the whole person, and we conduct an in-depth personal financial analysis before recommending an approach. 

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Our Philosophy

Just as one size doesn’t fit every figure, there isn’t one solution for every investment portfolio. At Auctus Wealth Management, we take a global approach to managing our clients’ accounts. Our independence allows us to choose from among the best investment products available and then tailor them to each client’s financial goals


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