Letter from the Managing Director

At Auctus, we take things personally when it comes to our clients. After all, they aren’t just our customers; they’re our partners. Our clients trust us to help them preserve and grow their wealth, and we acknowledge that confidence by offering more than just traditional investment advisory services. Often that entails reviewing their entire personal financial picture and working with them to  form a plan to meet their financial goals from the ground up. Sometimes it means guiding them through the variety of investment choices out there, or helping them set up a financial management plan for their children or grandchildren. Other times it means recognizing the value and growth potential of new strategies like Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and then integrating them into our current decision-making process.

Whatever the service, our approach is always personal. We want our clients to feel secure and confident in the fact that we are committed to working with them to meet their goals. We expect nothing less from ourselves, and our clients shouldn’t either.

Auctus Wealth Management was founded to help people find their financial path, and we are committed to walking it with them every step of the way.

Sasha Coviello, Managing Director

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