We work with our clients to develop solutions that meet their goals. How do we do that? By looking at a client’s global picture, from his or her spending habits and current assets to his or her liabilities and financial objectives. We consider the whole portfolio and the whole person before recommending an approach. 

Auctus is an independent firm, so we are not obligated to use certain products or offer cookie-cutter solutions. Instead, we put together solid, customized portfolios that address the different needs of our clients. Because we’re independent, we are more agile. That agility gives us an edge when considering the variety of investment possibilities. We take things personally, and our clients know it. Their success is our success.

Our Services

It’s all about customization – in our approach to asset allocation, in our flexibility and in our client service. At Auctus Wealth Management, we want to ensure that our clients can weather the ups and downs of the global market with minimal impact, so we make investment decisions and recommendations with their personal and financial goals in mind.

In addition, Auctus Wealth Management offers the following services:

  • Asset and portfolio management

  • Retirement and long-term care planning

  • Insurance and risk management

  • Estate planning

  • Complimentary portfolio review, if you’re looking for a second opinion on the health of your investments.

  • Insurance audits

  • Annuity audits

Products & Solutions

  • Equities

  • Mutual funds

  • Hedge funds

  • Annuities

  • Life and Health Insurance

  • Alternative investments

  • Retirement plans for businesses (401K, Simple IRA, SEP IRA and PSP plans)

  • Private placements

  • Fixed income

  • Options for socially responsible investing

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